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Mammoth Stope Open to Surface Point Cloud Render

Cutaway view of Mammoth stope and hoist house from Tintic Range, Utah

Unmanned Aerial Services is an underground mining focused LiDAR mapping and visual inspection service company with a proven track record of safe, efficient onsite work and quality data deliverables.

Our team consists of highly skilled geospatial data specialists and field technicians, with strong mine site backgrounds and extensive knowledge of the mobile scanner and drone industry.

We pride ourselves in enabling our clients to make sound decisions based on the high-quality data we deliver and saving sites significant money on rehabilitation and development mining costs.

UAS, Inc. has conducted inspections and scanning in a wide range of environments from large to narrow-vein stopes, room and pillar, air raises, ramps, muck passes, drainage galleries, headframes, dam penstocks, sinkholes, tailings dams and open pits.

If you would like us to review your current mine site needs and find out if our services are a fit for your company, please contact us to send us a note.

B. MSHA Part 48 Trained Drone Pilot A. Lexington Mine Headframe Scan Emesent Hovermap Stope Flight Mesh Model

Our Vision of Safety

Our company's commitment to safety goes beyond our yearly MSHA part 48 refresher training; it is the last order of business, the first order of business and always part of the business. By nature of being a remote inspection and mapping service company, Safety is at the root of our company model. We empower employees from the bottom up, that work can be halted and at any time by anyone when a real or potential risk is identified. An aversion to risk and calculated planning is what keeps our employees going home each night and coming back the next day. And as stewards of the mining industry, we owe it to our clients to uphold our own safety values as well as theirs.

To make our health, safety and insurance records easily accessible by our clients, we maintain membership with the auditing and compliance program administered by Avetta.